Welcome to TMI Transportation




TMI is the industry leader in logistics and ground transportation management. Offering comprehensive services to a wide range of clients throughout Texas and beyond, we have an extensive presence in the state. Our proficiency in managing group travel guarantees that our clientele, which comprises local organizations, churches, schools, colleges, international tour operators, and corporations, is provided with transportation solutions of the highest caliber.


Our company is dedicated to meeting the unique requirements of every client by providing dependable and effective travel solutions. From coordinating school excursions to orchestrating corporate events, we are cognizant of the specific needs of various groups. We have earned a stellar reputation in our field through our dedication to excellence.


Through the utilization of our extensive network and fleet of vehicles, we are able to provide customized service that addresses a wide range of needs. TMI is committed to exceeding expectations everywhere, whether it be by coordinating logistics for excursions or organizing transportation for large-scale events. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and maintaining a strong commitment to excellence, we remain the preferred option for businesses in search of dependable ground transportation solutions.