For optimal planning, it is generally advisable to reserve your charter bus rental approximately three months ahead of time. Nevertheless, we are committed to making every effort to fulfill your request and can arrange bookings on the day of the trip if there is availability.

Can we take food or drinks on the charter buses?

Food and beverages are allowed on the buses, but please make sure all drinks have a lid and no open containers are allowed. We provide trash bags and kindly request that you keep the buses clean for the comfort of your group.

What other amenities are on the motorcoaches?

Our coaches come fully equipped with DVDs, AM FM radios, PA systems, reclining seats, individual reading lights, air conditioning heating, and additional amenities like Direct TV, power outlets, and Wi-Fi.

Does TMI Transportation have regular scheduled runs from city to city?

TMI Transportation is solely dedicated to providing charter services for groups that wish to reserve an entire coach for their preferred destination.

Where can the motorcoach pick us up at?

We offer door-to-door service, meaning we can pick you up from any location and transport you directly to where you need to go.

Where do you store my suitcase and how much luggage can I take on the motorcoach?

Our motorcoaches are equipped with generous storage space underneath for your luggage, while the charter buses also feature convenient overhead compartments inside for carry-on bags.

Is the group responsible for the driver’s meal and lodging?

The driver typically handles their own meals, but if you’d like to include them in group meals, we would be grateful. As for lodging arrangements, we generally ask that the group takes care of the driver’s accommodation. This way, both the driver and the group can stay together at one hotel, often securing a more favorable rate compared to individual bookings.

Do your motorcoaches have restrooms?

Although our motorcoaches all have restrooms, our mini buses do not.

Is the driver gratuity included in the price of the charter bus?

While adding gratuity to the charter is not required, customers are welcome to do so at their own discretion after the trip.